Social Media Engagement

Stay close to your customers in social media
Building a customer community online is not enough! Run campaigns to engage with them!
Social Media Campaigns

With millions of monthly active users, social media is a great place for business campaigns! Because of the possibility of instant engagement online, social media helps to reach out to the right set of audience or customer online by effective business campaigns.

  • Photo campaigns have great reach than text posts.
  • Video content marketing in social media is a new trend.
  • Running campaigns often keeps customers engaged.
  • Customer approachability is greatly enhanced using campaigns.
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Brand reputation management
Reputation of your brand relies on what customers think about your business!

Creating brand awareness is the goal of brand reputation management. Reputation of your brand is not always in your control due to the culture of transparency and openness in social media. Businesses need to work around a way to always keep their brand reputation up to the mark.

  • Maintain long term customer relationship online.
  • Highlight positive reviews of brand from customers.
  • Share customer stories to make them feel important.
  • Saturate negative brand image with positives.
New sales generation
Run campaigns to engage with them!

Social media not only engages with the customer community, but also acts a tool to generate leads for sales and new business results. Call to actions, site links, with a driving factor of lucrative discounts and offers can cause viral engagement with the social media community.

  • Create an interest in the customer community with discounts/offers.
  • Create and amplify advertisements without ad spends.
  • Drive business results to product pages using call to actions.
  • Optimal return on investment is possible in social media.
Find out what interests customers and give them more of it!
Social engagement analytics

Advantage of maintaining a handle in social media is that it helps in analysing our campaign performances through a mix of creativity and analytics. Studying the page/post views, customer reactions and engagement reach can help in understanding company’s social media engagement for making sensible marketing decisions.

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